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Trivedi Brothers Thro' ... vs Bharat Petroleum

High Court Of Gujarat|30 September, 2013
This matter is regarding termination of the dealership agreement executed between the Petitioner and the Respondent.
However, the Hon'ble Division Bench of the High Court in a judgment reported in 2012 (0) GLHEL-HC 228913, has observed:
Apart from the aforesaid reasons given by us, we find that the writ applications, out of which, the appeals have arisen, really come within the field of contracts and tenders and, therefore, it was required to be heard by a Division Bench vested with such determination. Therefore, the learned Single Judge ought to have returned the applications for placing before the appropriate Division Bench.
Therefore, considering the aforesaid observations as well as roster, the registry is directed to place this matter before the Hon'ble the Chief Justice for appropriate orders.
(RAJESH H.SHUKLA, J.) JNW Page 2 of 2
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