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Thakur Prasad And Ors. vs Sheoram Tiwari

High Court Of Judicature at Allahabad|18 January, 1908


JUDGMENT John Stanley, C.J. and William Burkitt, J.
1. We are of opinion that the proceeding of the Munsif was not vitiated by the fact that it was taken on a Sunday. At the utmost it seems to us that the proceedings may have been irregular, but that any irregularity was cured by the consent of the parties. It is not necessary for us to determine whether the Lord's Day Act applies to this country, but we should be slow to hold that it did, as it would be manifestly inconvenient to do so, the Act being entirely unsuited to the circumstances of the country. We may mention that in the case of Param Shook Doss v. Rasheed Ood Dowlah (1874) 7 Mad. H.C. Rep. 285 it was held that it had no application in this country. We dismiss the appeal with costs.
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Thakur Prasad And Ors. vs Sheoram Tiwari


High Court Of Judicature at Allahabad

18 January, 1908
  • J Stanley
  • W Burkitt