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Legal Heirs Of Deceased vs Patel Shankerbhai

High Court Of Gujarat|26 September, 2013
On 18.06.2013, the following order was passed.
1. On 28.09.2012 the following order was passed.
Mr.Panchal, learned advocate for Mr.Prakash K. Jani, learned advocate for the appellants, states that appellant nos.1/2 and 1/3 have expired. He, therefore, requests to adjourn this matter to enable him to take appropriate steps for the purpose of bringing heirs of those expired appellants. He has also stated that he would enter his appearance in place of learned advocate Mr.Prakash K. Jani for the appellants. Hence, s.o. to 10.10.2012
2. Thereafter, on 16.04.2013 learned advocate for the appellant requested for further time to take necessary steps to bring on record the heirs of the deceased appellant Nos. 1/2 and 1/3. Today, when the matter comes up on board, from the record it appears that no steps are taken. Nor learned advocate for the appellant is present. Learned advocate for the respondent is present.
3. In the circumstance, s.o. to 29.07.2013 with an observation that if the appellant does not take necessary steps, as required in the order dated 28.09.2012 read with order dated 16.04.2013, the consequence will follow.
2. It appears that no steps are taken till date by learned advocate for the appellants Mr. Panchal who appeared for learned advocate Mr. Prakash Jani, and sought some time for the above purpose.
3. It was already observed in the above quoted order that if necessary steps in respect of the deceased appellants are not taken, the consequences in law will follow. However, in order to give further chance to the appellants, the matter shall stand over to 11.10.2013. On or before the said date, learned advocate for the appellants shall take required steps and comply with the order.
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