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Govind vs Deputy

High Court Of Gujarat|27 April, 2011


1. The office has placed the note filed by the learned advocate Mr.G.M. Amin for the appellants on the office objections raised by the office. It appears that the office has raised objections to the effect that the names of two respondents shown in the memo of appeal do not tally with the cause-title mentioned in the certified copy of the Bill of Cost prepared by the Tribunal.
2. According to Mr.Amin, the names of the respondents tally with the names shown in the reference cases, however, in the Bill of Cost prepared on printed form, one of the names of the respondents is shown as the State of Gujarat in place of Deputy Collector, Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation, Jamnagar.
3. In the circumstances, according to Mr.Amin, as per Rule 51 of the Gujarat High Court Rules, the names of the respondents in cause-title should tally with the names reflected in the judgment and hence, the said office objections should be treated as objections removed.
4. Having regard to the submissions of Mr.Amin, since the names of the respondents appearing in the memo of appeal tally with the names of the respondents appearing in the judgment of respective Land Reference Cases, the same is treated as due compliance of the Rule 51 of the said Gujarat High Court Rules.
5. In that view of the matter, the note of Mr.Amin and submission of the office stand disposed of.
(BELA TRIVEDI, J.) Hitesh Top
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Govind vs Deputy


High Court Of Gujarat

27 April, 2011