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Goswami Vithalnathji vs Thrid Extra Assistant Judge

High Court Of Gujarat|24 September, 2013
GOSWAMI VITHALNATHJI VRAJBHUSHANLALJI MAHARAJ....Petitioner(s) Versus THRID EXTRA ASSISTANT JUDGE JUAGADH DISTRICT COURT & 3....Respondent(s) ======================================================= Appearance:
MR ASHISH H SHAH, ADVOCATE for the Petitioner(s) No. 1 GOVERNMENT PLEADER for the Respondent(s) No. 2 ­ 3 MR RC KAKKAD, ADVOCATE for the Respondent(s) No. 4 RULE SERVED for the Respondent(s) No. 2 ­ 4 RULE UNSERVED for the Respondent(s) No. 1 ======================================================= CORAM: HONOURABLE MR.JUSTICE RAJESH H.SHUKLA Date : 24/09/2013 ORAL ORDER At the request made by learned counsel, Shri Ashish Shah, who now appears in the matter for the petitioner, the matter is adjourned with the consent of st other side to 21 November, 2013 .
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