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Commissioner vs M. Sahai

High Court Of Gujarat|28 June, 2012
(Per : HONOURABLE MR.JUSTICE V. M. SAHAI) 1.0 We have heard Mr. M. R. Bhatt learned senior counsel for Mrs. Mauna Bhatt for the Revenue and Mr. S. N. Soparkar learned senior counsel for Mrs. Swati Soparkar, learned counsel for the assessee.
2.0 Admit.
3.0 We formulate the following substantial question of law.
"Whether the Appellate Tribunal is right in law and on facts in allowing Rs.37,18,994/- being expenditure of power and fuel, stores, professional fees and telephone expenses as revenue expenditure?"
4.0 Paper-book be ready within three months.
M. SAHAI, J.] [N.
V. ANJARIA, J.] Amit Top
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Commissioner vs M. Sahai


High Court Of Gujarat

28 June, 2012