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Ashrafkhan Bashirkhan Pathan vs Commissioner Of Police &

High Court Of Gujarat|24 September, 2013
Mr. K.A. Kazi, learned advocate appearing for Mr. Aftabhusen Ansari, learned counsel for the petitioner has pointed out that in the order dated 24.9.2013, though, it was stated that learned AGP waives service of notice of rule for State, number of respondent was wrongly stated as respondent No.1 since the State is respondent No.2. To that extent, speaking to minutes is allowed. Order dated 24.9.2013 shall read to understand that respondent no.2 State has waived service of notice of Rule. Ms. Thakkar, learned AGP also waives service of notice of Rule for respondent No.3 Jail Superintendent.
Let there be a Direct Service qua Commissioner of Police, Vadodara City, Vadodara.
(S.G.SHAH, J.) VATSAL Page 2 of 2
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