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Anant Gosalia Karta Of vs Chief Commissioner Of

High Court Of Gujarat|18 October, 2013
(PER : HONOURABLE MR.JUSTICE RAVI R.TRIPATHI) On the request made by learned senior advocate Mr.D.C.Dave, matter is adjourned to 21.10.2013. Both the deponents of the affidavit, viz. Mr.Hemant Suresh Dhamesha and Mr.Nirav Pradip Hindia, to remain personally present before this Court at 11.00 a.m. on 21.10.2013.
( RAVI R.TRIPATHI, J.) ( MOHINDER PAL, J.) (KMGThilake) Page 2 of 2
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  • Ravi R Tripathi Pal
  • Mohinder Pal