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Rajnikantbhai vs Mansukhbhai

High Court Of Gujarat|28 June, 2012
1. Pursuant to notice the corpus is before us accompanied by her parents respondents No.1 and 2.
2. Undisputedly the corpus is major. She states that though there is a certificate of registration of marriage, marriage has not been solemnised and her signatures were obtained on several documents/forms under a pretext of getting a job. He submitted that the petitioner's physical impairment is such that no prudent lady would agree to such a relationship. She states that she does not want to go and stay with the petitioner but would like to stay with her parents.
3. We have talked to the petitioner as well. We find that he is physically impaired. His version is different. According to him, the corpus herself had proposed the relationship, and at that stage also, he had talked with the corpus about his impairment and resultant mismatch.
4. In light of the fact that the corpus is major and does not want to stay with the petitioner but wants to stay with her parents, this petition cannot be entertained, stands dismissed. Notice is discharged.
( A.L. DAVE, J. ) ( A.J. DESAI, J. ) syed/ Top
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Rajnikantbhai vs Mansukhbhai


High Court Of Gujarat

28 June, 2012